Accessible Design & Construction

With Diamond, accessibility is a beautiful thing!

Accessibility doesn’t need to come at the expense of design or craftsmanship. At Diamond, we help design and build beautiful custom spaces that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their age or physical limitations.

Whether you’re looking to retrofit your home to ensure safe and comfortable “aging in place” living or to have a living space highly tailored to your individual accessibility needs, we’ve been specializing in construction for accessible living for over 35 years. We don’t just install a few standard-issue bars and railings, we start with YOUR life at home and then offer the construction that will make it beautiful!

With a great deal of experience working alongside non-profit or governmental funding bodies, we’re well-versed in knowing what information is needed, typical processes and developing our projects to work with their requirements and schedules.

Put simply, we’re able to do this because we have a team with the construction expertise that’s needed and because we love what we do! We’re happy to get an understanding of exactly what you need and the way you need it to happen and then develop a project plan that makes it happen – with care and efficiency!

We like to say that we’re always flexible on the way you want the project to go but we never budge on the quality we bring to the work!

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